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Football Rankulator

About the Application

Well, the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) era has come and gone. The BCS formula which was used to pick two teams for the BCS championship is being replaced by a committee to choose four teams for a 4-team playoff.

We never knew exactly how those BCS computer rankings worked did we?. And we won't know how the committee will select the top four teams at the end of the seaon. The same questions remail. How will they judge one team over another? What criteria will they use?

If you want answers to these types of questions - well, you've come to the wrong place! We don't know - but now there is Football Rankulator.

With Football Rankulator (FBR) you can create your own computer rankings. From dozens of ranking methods, you decide what's important and what isn't important. You decide how much weight to give a particular ranking method. If you don't like the results, change the criteria. Best of all, you know how it works because you are in control.

There are more fun features other than creating your own rankings. Standings, schedules, games, and polls - set them up to view them they way you like. Compare conference against conference, see who is bowl eligible.

There is a unique strength of schedule calculation. See the break down of opponent's schedules and opponents' opponent's schedules. Control how your version of the strength of schedule works.

The polls are graphed over time - watch the top teams' progress.

The Division FBS and FCS data are provided free of charge - i.e., schedules and scores plus the AP and Coaches polls. Datafiles are updated in a timely fashion and available for download - so you don't have to enter a single score, and the software will even download the datafile for you. Of course, if you want to enter the scores yourself, you may. If you follow Division II or III football, the software will allow you to enter their schedules and scores.

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