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Football Rankulator


Football Rankulator Features
  • Conference statistics and standings, conference versus conference, bowl eligibility standings
  • Team statistics, schedules, records, user configurable strength of schedule calculation
  • Team History
  • Games by rankings, best matchup by poll, best matchup by record, and more
  • Polls - AP, Coaches & Harris Polls, the BCS Rankings, and your FBR Rankings
  • Rankings - Configure 80+ ranking methods to create your own rankings
  • No data entry (unless you want to)
    • Check for updated datafiles and download them from within the application
    • Option to merge the downloaded datafile into your datafile
  • Track Team feature
  • Saved configurations for Conference and Team schedule views
  • Game Analysis using you own Ranking Criterial Configuration
  • The ability to track game times and TV schedules
  • Team weights and Weighted Win Loss records
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